How to Take a Screenshot on Mac (Guide)

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Screenshots take to easy on a mac. There are a few different ways to take a screenshot on your Mac. Check the full Screenshot Guide for different ways to take screenshots on your mac device. The following on the best ways how to take a screenshot on a Mac.


How to take a capture Screenshot on any Mac Keyboard Using Keyboard Shortcuts

If you learn to memorize a few keyboard shortcuts, it becomes easy to take screenshots on any Mac.

In this article, we will show you how you can take to quickly capture screenshots:

1. How to capture screenshots on Mac Desktop (Entire Display): you need to do is use the keyboard shortcut Command (⌘) + Shift + 3.

The screenshot will automatically capture a screenshot for you. which will be saved on your desktop as a PNG file.

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How To Take a screenshot of a specific window or Menu :

Press Command (⌘) + Shift + 4 + spacebar. A small camera icon should now appear. which you can select the window you’d like to take a screenshot.

How to To Take a screenshot using Spotlight Tool

There are two ways to Take a screenshot using Spotlight Tool

1. Open the Spotlight  Screenshot app.

Screenshot Tool

When you launch the app, you will get a notice that there are 5 different buttons. You can see which button does by hovering your cursor point above each icon. From left to right these buttons serve the following purpose:

Screenshot Tool 2

2. Capture Full Screen (press Command+Shift+3)
3. Capture Selected Windows (press Command+Shift+4 + Space Bar)
4. Capture Selected Portion (press Command+Shift+4)
5. Record Entire Screen
6. Record Selected Portion

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