Five Best Meditation Andriod Apps Worthy of Your Attention

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This is our select list of top 10 best meditation apps as of 2020. We have included the most popular apps, checked good reviews and features in detail. Below you will find the best meditation Andriod apps list of handpicked for Mindfulness Meditation. Mental Health is still a taboo talking point in many countries, including India.

I am a medical professional that I can advise you on the subject. But I know that meditation can help you with mental problems like anxiety and depression. World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that 7.5 percent of the Indian population suffers from some form of mental disorder. In this article, I have listed the best top 10 mediation apps that you can use on your Android.

1.Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Price: Free trial, $12.99/month, $69.99/year


Headspace is one of the most popular apps for meditation apps selection. Headspace app focusing on improving the user’s sleep patterns reduce anxiety and depression. Meditation & Sleep is the ideal choice for those interested in improving their day-to-day problems by these apps. It also includes soothing music to relax before bedtime and guided through the steps by a voice. It tasks meant to help you wind down after a stressful day. If you’re looking to Meditation & Sleep, this app is perfect for you.

2.Insight Timer


One of the most popular Insight Timer apps in play store for meditation. Insight Timer provides meditation tips and exercises led by mindfulness experts, neurosciences, and psychologists. This app adding 10 new guided meditations on a daily basis. Insight Timer app gives you a free library of more than 45,000 free guided meditation.

Insight Timer app open and you can create your own modules for meditation. You can select how long you want to meditate every day.

You will find many different types of meditation, Vipassana, including Secular, Zen, Buddhist, and several more!



This is an amazing meditation app. Meditopia offers both free and paid plans for its users, helping them take the first step toward self-discovery.

more than 250 meditation sessions offered in both English and Spanish in top-quality audio, and integrated music and nature sound catalog, Meditopia might just be the answer to your stress-related problems. Meditopia also offers on-the-go meditation exercises, focusing on key moments of the day.

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4. Let’s Meditate

Let’s Meditate

This is an incredible meditation app that offers an easy-to-navigate design aimed at amateurs and pros alike. With no sign-ups and no ads, it truly provides a unique experience for the user.

Tracks are available for download for anyone to listen to them while offline.

5. Pacifica

Pacifica meditation
It is one of the last entrants in our list of best meditation apps. Pacifica is focused on offering its users psychologist-designed tools to help them deal with stress, anxiety, and depression among other ailments. Pacifica lead to stress in your day-to-day life.

The app good features both meditation exercises and mood trackers, highlighting patterns and encouraging improvement over time.

Use These Mindfulness Meditation Andriod Apps for a Better Life

This article on the best meditation apps for Android. I use Headspace and recommend it to everyone. All the apps on this list offer the best selection of mediation lessons.

If you feel that life is stressful, you should try meditation.

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