How To Fix A Phone That Won’t Charge Properly 2020

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If your battery isn’t charging correctly or not charging at all. The issues might be ranging from software issues, ports issues, and hardware component issues. In this article, we will share Phone Won’t Charge Properly, and 6 ways How To Fix it.

How To Fix Won’t Charge Properly by following 6 ways given below:

 1. Reboot Your Phone

When Restarting your phone, It will kill all background services. Restarting your device and Fix A Phone That Won’t Charge Properly. It is a very effective remedy. Reboot also refreshes your device core components, in case one of them had crashed while performing a task.

To perform a reboot quickly by following the steps given below:

  • Long press the power button
  • Click on Restart/ Reboot

2. Replace the battery

Replace the battery

If you are facing a phone won’t charge a problem, and you should need to replace your battery. we will recommend the methods given above to solve A Phone Won’t Charge Properly. So, go ahead and try to fix it out now.

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3. Replace the charging adapter

Replace the charging adapter

This is a very simple method. If a phone won’t charge, and you should need to check the charging adapter. Because charging adapter is not working properly as sometimes. connect your charging cable/USB to another adapter. If your phone charge normally it means your adapter has a problem. so you must replace the charging adapter to fix your Phone Won’t Charge the issue.

4. Clean The Charging USB Port

Clean The Charging USB Port

The charging port is one of the most important elements of your phone. So you need to clean up the USB port. If your phone port has dust than your phone connection problem to a power source. You must clean the charging USB port to fix your Phone Won’t Charge the issue.

5. Water Damage

Water Damage

If your phone fail won’t charge falling in the water, you have to need make sure that your phone’s internals is completely dry. There are various methods to protect a phone dropped in water. You can keep it in a bowl of rice, hot air into it with a hairdryer, or try other methods.

6. Visit A Service Center

If you fail all methods, your last resort is to have your phone examined by a professional. you have to pay to replace the charging port and fix your Phone Won’t Charge the issue.

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