How to download and install the Google Play Store

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if you want to install apps on an Android device, and You need to install 1st Google Play Store. We’ll show you, how to download and how to install the Google Play Store.

Download a Google Play Store APK

Download latest version of the Google Play store

                                                           Google Play Store APK

Allow Apps from Unknown Sources


1st you have to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources than fix it.

Follow these methods to do that:

  • Go to Settings
  • Now Tap/Click on Security.
  • Find of Apps from Unknown Sources option.
  • Then toggle Unknown Sources to ‘On’ position.

Now you can install the application and see if the error goes away.

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Google Play Store troubleshooting

If you are facing this service google play store troubleshooting, you should clear the cache on both Google Play Store and Google Play Services.

Follow these methods to do that:

Clearing Google Play Store Data and Cache

Go to setting > Tap Apps & notifications                                                                       Now, See all Apps, Then click Google Play Store and open it. Then click Clear cache and click on Clear data.

Do the same for Google Play Services

List of previous and popular APK versions of the Google Play Store

Download all previous Google play store Apk.

  1.  6.4.12
  2.  6.3.20
  3.  6.3.08
  4.  6.3.16
  5.  6.2.14
  6.  6.3.15
  7.  5.12.10
  8.  5.10.30-leanback
  9.  5.9.12
  10.  4.8.20

Congratulations! You have installed a Google Play Store application on your Android Device.

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