How to transfer old WhatsApp chats to your new phone

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WhatsApp chats have not only important contacts and information at times but also media attachments that be very important for you to carry over to your new smartphone. If you get a new phone and simply sign in to your WhatsApp account, your old messages don’t automatically transfer here.

In this article, we will share how to transfer WhatsApp chats to a new Phone. It has a solution to back all messages up so you can carry them to your new phone. You can very simple way to transfer chats is to back them up on Google Cloud or iCloud and then restore them on your new phone. I think Popular messaging app is used by almost all people, So It is important to know how to transfer your old chats to your new device.

How to transfer old WhatsApp chats to new phone

Google Drive backup and restore

Chat backup on whatsapp

Updates versions of WhatsApp including automatic Google Drive backups, which make it y to transferring your WhatsApp chat history between phones even easier than before.

  • Simply Click the 3 of dots at the top left of the screen and go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup.
  • If you want back up manually, or set it to automatically. When WhatsApp is reinstalled, it will recover your chats and multimedia from Google Drive.
  • Contacts and chats will present in the app instantly.
  • This is the best formula we use when we switch smartphones for reviews and testing etc.

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How to restore WhatsApp chats to new phone

  • You should Install and open WhatsApp on your new Android device.
  • you will read the Terms and Conditions and click Agree And Continue.
  • now, Verify your country and phone number when prompted.
  • Input the 6-digit verification code if required.
  • Click to Continue to allow WhatsApp access to your Google Drive backup.

restore WhatsApp chats to new phone


backup found

  • you will give permission for WhatsApp to check your Google Drive for a backup.
  • Click the account that contains your backup.
  • Click Restore.
  • When the restore process is complete, click Next to continue to the application.

Restore from local backup

Backing up your chat history from Google Drive is the easiest formula, you might not prefer it considering it uses a lot of data. To back up your chats history on your old phones, To do this :

  • 1st you need to Go WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.
  • Find the green Backup button.
  • Click on the button to backup your chats locally on your smartphone.
  •  A backup file will be accessible in the folder WhatsApp > Databases in your local storage.
  • Now, Send the file with the latest making date to your new phone and store it in the WhatsApp > Databases folder.

Chat backup on whatsapp



If you don’t exist from the folder, create one. Then you are done copying the backup file to a new phone, log in to your WhatsApp account. You will get a notification that your message backup was found. Click Restore and your old WhatsApp chat history will be copied to your new phone. If you are facing any problem,  uninstall the WhatsApp on your new phone and install it again. Remember that you have needed the backup file stored in the WhatsApp database folder before you log in to your WhatsApp account.

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