How to record WhatsApp Voice and Video Calls on Android

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Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t have a built-in recording feature. If you need to use WhatsApp to record an interview, meeting, lesson, or something else. so you need third-party apps and screen-recording software can be tricky. In this article, we explain how to record WhatsApp Voice and Video Calls on Android. Do it following step by step. Don’t worry, it’s very simple.

How to record WhatsApp Voice and Video Calls on Android

How to record a video call on WhatsApp

To record a WhatsApp video call on Android, it is necessary to install screen-recording apps like Mobizen Screen Recorder, MNML, RecMe, and AZ Screen Recorder.

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How to record a WhatsApp Video Call by using MNML app

Follow these instructions:

MNML app

  1. Download the MNML Screen Recorder app from the Google Play Store. This app is available for free.
  2. Open the application, Tap on the three dots at the top right, and select Settings.
  3. Click on Recording and activate Record Audio.
  4. Go back to the application and Tap on Record at the bottom right. A three-second counter starts before you start recording your screen and also sound, and administrator access to all the permission asked by the apps. when Confirm and recording will start.
  5. Now, open your WhatsApp and call the contact you want.
  6. Once the conversation is over and you need to open the MNML app and click on Stop in the bottom right.

WhatsApp Audio call record on Android

Cube Call Recorder

Cube Call Recorder app only for audio recording WhatsApp calls on Android. This app automatically launches every time you start a call.

Follow these instructions: 

  • 1. Download the Cube Call Recorder app from google play store.
  • 2. Install the app, open it, and finish the process by granting access to all the permission asked by the apps.


  • Go to Settings > Recording and enable Ignore VoIP-support to check if you want to try anyway.



  • You can try changing the VoIP recording audio source to the Microphone.
  • When you are in a WhatsApp call, you will see the little recording box that appears on your screen.


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