How to Recover Deleted Photos On Android Smartphone

How to Recover Deleted Photos On Android Smartphone
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We’ve all accidentally deleted photos on our Andriod phones before, but what if you delete something completely incomparable? You don’t have to Anxiety, but you do need to act fast to recover your deleted files. Need to know how to restore deleted photos from your Android phone. Just follow our directions, Here’s how to recover deleted photos using a few methods. Then you should be able to get your photos back in instantly.

How to recover deleted photos on your Android with an app called DiskDigger.

First, go to the Google Play Store and download the DiskDigger app.


  1. Once it’s fully downloaded, open the DiskDigger app. Click allow accessing photos, media, and files Within the app, click start basic photo scan.
  2. When you see the deleted photo appear, click the box in the upper-left corner to select it. Then click recovery at the top of the screen. 
  3. The application will ask how you would like to recover the files. Then click save the files to an app on your android device.

DiskDigger photo

  1. It will present options for where to save the photo. Choose the one that will work best for you and follow instructions from there. If you already use Dropbox, that’s a good one to choose because it’s designed for, among other things, photo storage

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How To Recover Deleted Photos On Google Photos

Once you’ve installed the google photos app just go to google photos Settings, then Backup & sync, and you can choose how often and by which step. you wish to backup your photos.

Another method on google photos:

Retrieve Deleted Photos On Google Photos

open the google photos and select Trash or Bin from the sidebar. Long-press on each image you want to recover then click Restore. This method is very simple. Deleted files remain available for only 60 days.

Restore photos with Android Backup Services

Android phone manufacturers provide their own inbuilt backup functions in smartphone devices. You can back up your phone’s app data to the local backup, Google backup, or external storage phone’s cloud backup. The options with the mobile phone brands. Some mobile phones have a built-in backup app like Huawei.

The location path of the backup function, Generally, you can find it in the Settings of your android device.

On Xiaomi Redmi phones: Go to Settings> Additional Settings> Backup & reset

On Samsung phones: Go to Settings> Cloud & Accounts> Backup & restore

On LG Android phones: Settings> then Backup & Reset> LG Backup Service

If you had turned on the android backup service, restore all deleted Gallery pictures from these backup files.


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