Android 11: Here are the best new features You Need To Know

Android 11: Here are the best new features You Need To Know
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Good news for Andriod user,  Andriod 11 is rolling out on Pixel, Oneplus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme phones. Android 11 is now an official OS. In this article, we will share the best Android 11 new features you should try today.

There is a number of Andriod 11 new features including

  • Message bubbles.
  • Redesigned notifications.
  • New power menu with smart home controls.
  • media playback widget.
  • Resizable picture-in-picture window.
  • Screen recording.
  • Improved work profiles.
  • Android Share menu
  • Scheduled dark theme
  • Motion Sense gesture
  • One Time Permissions
  • Emoji and Skins
  • Smart device controls
  • Dark theme scheduling
  • Android 11 updates via Play Store
  • App suggestions
  • Voice Access becomes more context-aware
  • Wireless Android Auto
  • App-pinning to the share sheet

How to get Android 11

How to check Andriod 11 if the update is available to you:

Open your phone and Go to the Settings.
Near the bottom, Click System > Advanced > System update.
Now, See your Android version and security patch level.

Don’t worry, Google also has a FAQ page with more details on how to update your Android device.



Here are a few major changes in Android 11 new features

Conversations in the notification shade

Conversations in the notification shade of andriod 11

Android 11 includes big improvements to text conversations on your phone. It is one of my favorite features of Android 11. It helps prevent important conversations. Message notifications will show up above other notifications and it can focus better on active conversations.

Chat Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

Chat Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

If you use Facebook Messenger on Android, you might already know about Chat Bubbles, bubbles everywhere. To activate bubbles on your Andriod, all you need to do is long-press on the message notification and choose the option to open in a bubble.

Screen Recording

Screen Recording

The screen recording feature was a part of Android 10 beta but was later pulled. The feature can be accessed via quick settings tile. Enable the feature to do, you need to first add it to the quick settings menu of your notification screen. On Pixel phones, you can simply open the notifications screen. Click on the pencil icon, and drag and drop the Screen Record button onto your active tiles. Then you can be recording by clicking the Screen Record button on your Andriod phone anytime.

Power Menu

Power Menu of andriod 11

Android 11 has got the new Power Menu which is awesome. you can manage connected IoT appliances as well as bank/payment providers from a single screen. Here, still have the Emergency button and boot options here.

Media Controls Carousel

Media Controls Carousel of andriod 11

Android 11 provides more extensive media controls carousel for interacting with your music in the notifications shade. It is on Quick Settings. This is handy for someone like me who constantly switches between music and audiobooks.

One-time permission

In the Android 11 feature that will force the app the ask for permission every time you use it. Google is working to improve the security and privacy of the Andriod platform.

Those are the most important Android 11 features.

How to download Android 11 update on Google Pixel smartphone on 2020

The latest Android operating system update will be rolled out via OTA on Pixel 2 or above smartphone. if you have not received the update Andriod 11 yet, you can so check the update manually.

  •  Go to setting of your pixel smartphone
  • Click on system and then click Advanced option.
  • Then, Click on system update and click on check for update.
  • If you see the update is available, click on the Download Option.

How to get Andriod 11 beta on OnePlus smartphone

  • Go to
  • Then scroll down and Tap on the Download option.
  • Go to the next page, Look for your phone’s model, and click on it for download.
  • Then, the installation file. you will transfer it on the phone’s local storage and install Andriod 11 OS from Recovery mode.


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