How to use Dual WhatsApp Account on your phone

You can download Parallel Space or Dual Space from the App Store and the Play Store,
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Many smartphones support dual SIM these days and that makes things very convenient. But WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to use both the phone numbers at once.  If you use two SIM cards frequently and looking for a method to use WhatsApp on two numbers on your phone. You can usually only use Dual WhatsApp on one smartphone.

In this article, we’ll solve the problem and show you how to use Dual WhatsApp numbers on your phone.

How to use Dual WhatsApp Account on your phone

Dual WhatsApp Account on one mobile

#Method 1: Native App cloning

Many smartphone manufacturers allow two instances of WhatsApp to be installed in parallel. The compatibility will depend on the phone’s software version. If your device supports it, You can usually only use Dual WhatsApp numbers on your phone With this method. In this method, notifications will be handled natively. You will easily identify the secondary account with a badge.

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App cloning on your smartphone

Huawei / Honor

Dual WhatsApp Account on Huawei & Honor

This process is similar for Huawei and Honor phones as well. To get a cloned WhatsApp app on your device, Go to setting on your phone then click on Apps > App twin, and click the toggle next to WhatsApp.


Dual WhatsApp Account on oneplus

OnePlus devices also support this feature. To get a cloned WhatsApp app, Go to Settings on your phone and click on head to Apps and then on Parallel Apps. The cloned app is identified with an orange badge,  to start the account registration process.


For Xiaomi smartphones, Go to your phone’s settings click on Dual Apps.


For Oppo smartphones, Go to your handset’s settings and click on Clone Apps.


For Oppo smartphones, You’ll find the option to use dual apps under Settings. Then Click on App Clone.


Asus allows this too on their smartphones and you need to Turn on twin apps in your device’s settings.

Method 2: WhatsApp Business

The advantage of this method is that it works on virtually any Android smartphone. if your phone does not have an app clone option, WhatsApp for Business is the option for you.

It has a few shortcomings. First, depending on what you are using a second number for, you might want to be careful when you text from it because the person you are interacting with will know they are texting a business account from the start. Also, if you do need a Business account for work then you will have to sacrifice it for your second number.

If these issues are not important for you, you can easily install the WhatsApp Business app from the Google Play Store. You also get the option to call people from the app. So you will not be confused.

Method 3: Parallel spaces

If your smartphone doesn’t support app cloning and WhatsApp Business isn’t an option for you, let you can create something that’s called a sandbox to use two numbers on an app. You can easily download Parallel Space from the App on Google Play Store.


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